• Property Detail Report

    Get a comprehensive view of a property, including property characteristics, location information, zoning, flood, owner vesting, last and prior market sales, mortgage recordings, and assessor tax data.

  • Transaction History Report

    Learn about the comprehensive financial details including all ownership transfers, such as quitclaims and market sales, plus any sale or refinance mortgage information.

  • TotalView Report

    Access decision-making data including: property details, ownership, encumbrance, market information, HOA information, listing information, open liens, tax status, transaction history of the property, involuntary liens, foreclosure status, sales comparables, and nearby listings.

  • Procision Power AVM

    Gain insights into a subject property's current valuation using the latest automated modeling technologies and our industry-leading database of property information.

  • Sales Comparables Report

    Get a quick view into current market conditions by comparing up to 50 similar properties. Compare the subject property to other comparable sales on key criteria including last sale price, living area, bedrooms, baths, year built, and more.

  • Last Finance Document

    Review the most recent recorded finance document of a subject property.

  • Last Transfer Document

    Review the most recent recorded transfer document of a subject property, including deeds, quitclaim, conveyance, and others.

  • Assessor Map

    View the assessor parcel map of a subject property. Map includes the assessor's parcel number, parcel and lot boundaries, recorded property dimensions, acreage, street widths, and adjoining parcel information.